Who We Are

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img we make your business better

We’ll make your business better, guaranteed.

So, what is Helix Technology Partners? Technically speaking, Helix Technology Partners is a holding company serving as the ownership group of business entities. In practice, however, Helix is a community of companies, each with their own unique DNA yet united in their commitment to delivering excellent technology services. Together, we form one of the largest groups of companies in the US helping small businesses thrive through exceptional IT services and solutions.

So, what’s our deal? Helix is about businesses prospering through strong leaders, empowerment, decentralization, and independence. In general, our model is to have a strong General Manager who serves as the local CEO for each one of our businesses, with the Helix team serving and supporting them as needed. We strive every day to ensure our GMs get more of what they need and less of what they don’t, so they can continue to achieve success in the way that works best for them.

How does Helix do things differently?

We set ambitious goals and achieve them via sharpened focus
We balance short-term outcomes with long-term business health — we’re in it for the long haul
We partner with exceptional leaders, then get out of their way so they can do what they do best
We arm our businesses with the data, resources, and support to not just succeed, but also scale
We aggressively tackle the strategic challenges in our industry and within our businesses
We’re not here just to make a buck, we’re dedicated to improving the lives of our clients and employees as well as the communities we serve

Helix Core Values

img high impact and low ego
We are high impact and low ego

We put collective success before individual achievements. We’re confident, not arrogant. We’re passionate, not impulsive. Because we know we don’t have all the answers, we rely on the people in our community. Alone, we achieve good results. Together, we achieve the exceptional.

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We are energized by the climb

Where others see challenges, we see opportunities for growth. We’re energized by overcoming obstacles. For us, there’s joy in the climb. After reaching the summit, we celebrate our wins, then pause and enjoy the view. When we’re ready, we pick our next mountain.

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img we are energized by the climb
img we come prepared
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We come prepared​

Preparedness means managing outcomes and being adaptable. We identify our desired outcome, anticipate challenges, and solve for those barriers. This requires discipline and a clear vision. We know our numbers and use data to drive our decisions. Because we plan for the expected and unexpected, we maintain a sense of control amidst uncertainty.

We debate openly then commit fully

We choose healthy conflict over unhealthy peace. We do so by challenging ideas in order to reach the best path forward. And when we select a path, we commit as a united force.

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img we debate openly
img why we choose name helix

Why we chose the name “Helix”

A double helix symbolizes two parallel strands coming together to form something greater — much like Helix and our partners. When we come together, we harmonize disparate, autonomous companies into a more resilient organization. These parallel lines of accountability yield clearer focus and results. Like the DNA that inspired our namesake, legacies are encoded into our businesses. And, like DNA, we adapt to changing environments to ensure continued success.

Testimonials from members of the Helix community of businesses